Current location: Regina, Canada
Today’s mileage: 0 km
Days on road: 2337
Countries cycled: 38
Total mileage: 61,241 km
Flat tires: 34
Crashes: 13
Longest daily distance: 190 km (Thailand and USA)
Shortest daily distance: 7 km (Australia)
Average daily distance
(excludes rest days):
86 km
Top speed: 79.4 km/h (USA)
Hottest day: 43°C (Bosnia)
Coldest night: -16°C (China)
Highest altitude: 2,866 meters (China)
Steepest gradient: 18% (Slovenia)
Most consecutive days without spending money: 11 days (Australia)
Most consecutive days of free accommodation: 75 days
(Turkey to Uzbekistan)
Most consecutive days without a shower: 19 days
(twice – Spain and Turkey)

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