explorer Guide To Cycling Across Australia’s Nullarbor


pdfBicycle Traveler – December 2013

pdfBicycle Traveler – November 2012

pdfDegrees – Winter 2010


youtubeSerbian Evening News


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  1. Hey Mike, I just taught your Degrees article to a student from Iran in my grade 12 English class. He loved it and it lit up his eyes to think of the ways that someone is following their purpose and not letting things get in the way.

    We also talked about the topic of fear of certain countries that you spoke about in the article, and it helped him to articulate his thoughts.

    Just wanted to thank you for it. I love it every time I teach it.

  2. Hey Mike,
    Joel Cox here. I just came across your blog and had remembered your mom telling me a few years ago that you were biking around the world… Needless to say I’ve spent most of my Friday evening reading some of your posts and looking at your many pics. I just wanted to say congrats on the journey. You’re an inspiration! Take care and happy travels.

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