Montagne! Hardcore! Uncensored!

Banner image of Mount Ngauruhoe in Tongariro National Park as seen on bicycle tour of New Zealand. I found Vanessa when I randomly looked up the Italian word for mountains.

Ms. Montagne is an adult-film actress who invested so heavily in the silicon industry that she looks to be in danger of tipping over. No doubt she is a lovely person with a charming personality. I’m sure she’s eminently climbable, as her name would suggest.

But, sadly, this post has nothing to do with her.

I just thought it would be funny for creeps with their pants around their ankles to be directed here – to my collection of photos from National Park in New Zealand. These mountains aren’t pouty or perky, but if you ask me, they’re at the heart of one of the prettiest little places in the world . . .


4 responses to “Montagne! Hardcore! Uncensored!

  1. I must actually have quite a pure mind, as I was expecting some extreme mountain-biking pictures xD
    Otherwise, I feel delighted whenever someone falls in love with NZ 🙂 so thanks for your lovely comments about her.

    • Haha, I’m glad SOME people have a virgin mind. You’re right, New Zealand is incredible. I keep finding new ways to fall in love with it. I have to go in 11 months and I’m already dreading saying goodbye!

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