Last call New Zealand

Autumn leavesAfter two months and more meat pies than I care to admit, the curtain is set to fall on my tour of New Zealand. As much as I’ve loved my time here, I’m not sad to see it end.

I’ve never biked better, but I’m digging too deep to do it. Sometimes I catch myself staring dead-eyed at nothing in particular, vacant and flat under the weight of weariness. My body is all ribs and complaints, with knees that refuse to work the way they once did.

It happens every winter on the road. The feeling used to scare the hell out of me – I thought I was getting slow or stale or maybe just old. Of course, the truth isn’t nearly as extravagant. I may have superhero calves, but the rest of me is very human. Sometimes I need a break.

In two weeks I fly from Auckland back to Tasmania where I will house-sit in a place too small to be a village. My only company will be a black cat and a snoring dog, not to mention the modest collection of paperbacks I’ve been easing off second-hand shelves for the past year. I’ll be there for two months and my only plan is to wear slippers and stay put.

Until then I’ll keep pedaling, ragged but content in knowing I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.

One day I’ll look back on all of this, at these pulpit mountains and roads that vanish into clouds. I’ll be warm and full and clean, and then the question won’t be how I found my way to such great heights, but why on earth I ever left.


8 responses to “Last call New Zealand

    • Yes, beware the evil goat! I tweaked the contrast slightly on the banner, but mostly because my lousy camera didn’t do the leaves any justice. I haven’t seen reds and yellows like this in my life.

  1. Safe journey Mike. Enjoy your stay and rest in Liena and may you be inspired. Hope you are able to stay a little longer so we can catch up before you disappear again. Best wishes Julia x

  2. As always Mike your blog inspires me and warms my heart. I am honoured to share in your journey, if only on the page. Have a much earned rest. Enjoy !
    Esma Jamila
    Denmark WA

    • That is very kind. Thank you so much for following along. Whether it comes on the page or in person, the support means an awful lot to me. All the best! 🙂

  3. Hey Mike, Always enjoy reading your blog, I have been following your journey from the beginning,having grown up in Regina I can relate to your drive and determination. All the best, wherever the road takes you. Wayne, Nanaimo BC

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