♪ Show me that smile again . . . ♪

My last post wasn’t dark. It was honest and it took me a year to write it.

I’ve had some hard times, there’s no denying that. But I’m not slinging my belt over the rafters just yet. I’m not washing wine bottles with my tears. Trust me – to my final breath I will always be hopeful.

I hate what was because I can’t have it again. What will be always takes my breath away. Tomorrow is the best day and I’m not sorry for it.

Lately Darwin is amazing. There is no winter. Perfect sunsets fall through my window. I can walk two minutes and catch fish from the bay. Nobody asks how I got here.

I’ll be back on the road soon enough. I only want my mind to be ready when I go, because I know the chance won’t come again.

Please excuse the growing pains.


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