Day 871

Mike on Bike in Surabaya, Indonesia, after officially cycling around the world.

Surabaya, East Java


23 responses to “Day 871

  1. You are so cool Mike. This is an amazing accomplishment. Congrats. Looking forward to meeting you when you safely return to Saskatchewan.

    • Not if you keep biking in winter wastelands. One frozen ride in China was enough for me. Come to Australia!

  2. Your body is an amazing biological machine, Mike! Congrats! Only, what, 20,000 more kms between you and Regina!? Maybe give that biological machine of yours a rest and spend some time relaxing on a Fijian and/or Hawaiian beach.

    Also, I posted you a link on the time wormhole otherwise known as Facebook. But, I “quit” FB the other day, so not sure if you saw it. It might come in handy if you get hungry in Australia…

    It’s a really awesome, cheapskate-friendly bush tucker table!:

    I personally recommend sucking on the sugary-sweet abdomen of a honey ant. Have fun down under and enjoy all the beautiful birds there!


    • Thanks! The “amazing machine” is a little sore these days, but I know Australia will give me a boost. After the craziness of southeast Asia, all I want is a wide-open road and a spot for my tent. I can’t wait.

      Great link, by the way. I hear honey ants are a bit tough to find, but the witchetty grubs sound interesting.

      I’ll keep you posted. Take care 😀

      • Mike, my partner Ellen, is the best massage therapist in Saskatchewan. She is humble and doesn’t think so. Her clients and I disagree.
        Can’t wait for you to see for yourself.

    • Thanks so much! I fly to Australia tomorrow and I can’t wait. Super excited! All the best. 🙂

  3. Well written Mikey. I see some definite similarities with Sri Lanka. Not as far down the idiocy hole here, but their collective head is poking its head down and checking the shit out.

  4. Way to go!!! Congratulations! I love reading your posts… please keep posting!

    PS. We arrived back to Madrid 2 months ago after giving an intensive use to you rabit-wool socks! Thanks again for them!

  5. hi mike,
    I havent heard from you lately.I hope you are safe and well. I am back in vietnam for another stint of teaching.Are you still coming to australia.If so you have a place to stay at my sons place in melbourne
    paul brown-sapa mate

  6. Hi Mike!
    Do you remember us – Kostya (with Vika), we met in Tbilisi…
    I wanna to say – you are astonishing man! And I’m proud of those old meeting. You’ve just expanded my horizon about what we can if we really want it.

    I keep on tracking your unbelievable tour and i wish you all the best on your way!

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