That old gutter grin

I’ve been healthy for a month. I’ve never biked better, never worried about it less.

So much of this trip has been loose change between the cushions of my brain. It never counted for much until Cambodia.

Clarity was supposed to be a lightning bolt.  It whispered in my ear instead.

I just thought I’d have more to say when it did.

Now Thailand . . .


6 responses to “That old gutter grin

  1. Thanks for the fantastic arm chair slide show. You’re an inspiration to my teenage grandchildren as to what a person can do if they have the vision and GUTS!

    Love the cowboy hat Mike. So pleased you’re feeling so much better.
    Safe travels for the short remainder of your world bike trip.

    • Glad you enjoyed the pictures! Stick around for more because there’s lots of ground left to cover . . .

  2. Mike,
    Happy to hear you are healed. Love your stories and photos.

    Take care,
    Jen (in vancouver)

    • Thanks, Jen (in Vancouver). Looking forward to seeing you again, even if it means I have to pedal up the west coast to do it. All the best.

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