Even the keyboards are different

Free Internet is proving difficult to find in Europe, so my entries may be a little sparse for some time.

I only have 22 minutes on this computer and I can’t possibly describe everything that’s happened since I arrived in Rotterdam. Holland was stunning in every way and biking with literally thousands of other cyclists in Amsterdam was a dream come true.

Cyclists riding their morning commute in the city centre of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Cycling in downtown Amsterdam

The weather has been brutal for the past four or five days, so I decided against going to Luxembourg and opted to bike west through Belgium instead. This is my third day in the country and I’m loving every moment of it. Already I’ve gone through cities and forests and muddy country lanes, and all I can smell are pine trees and good food.

Aerial view of the road to Dessel, Belgium, as seen from a nearby tower.

The road to Dessel, Belgium

Tomorrow I hope to make it to Antwerp, then Gent and eventually Brussels before I move south to France. For now, though, I’ll have to be frustrated that I can’t share the many pictures and stories I have of Europe. They’re coming, I promise!


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