Minnesota bound!

I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Brandon, 50 dollars in my pocket and legs covered in rust. I spent the afternoon sanding a lady’s wrought iron patio banister, not because I’m particularly opposed to rust, but because my pants need a bit more jingle before I leave.

The time is drawing near. My freighter leaves Duluth on October 20 and I need to be on it. There are still a million things to do on this side of the Atlantic, not least of which is finding a way to get to the port on such short notice. But it’ll happen, and in one month I’ll be cycling in Europe – Belgium or the Netherlands to be vaguely precise.

Getting there . . .


3 responses to “Minnesota bound!

  1. Mike-e-boles!!

    Shawn O, Kevin, Phil, Marc, Jill and Mike H and me are spending the afternoon at Marc’s, drinking spooner-coffees, guiness in the can, and jameson on the rocks. We are thinking of you and love you!

    Marc just brought out the N-N-C. (offensive!) It is 7:00pm.

    Wish you were here, but glad that you are there,


    • Miss you guys! A Spooner coffee and an afternoon with everyone would be awesome, though it’ll have to wait for awhile now. Hopefully Marc won’t lose the recipe? haha

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