State parked

The librarian here in Talkeetna says I have 30 minutes and only 30 minutes, so I need to make this entry a quick one.

The last few days have been fantastic. I toured Denali National Park, and since it was an almost-rest day, I chose the free tour bus to cart my tired bones around the mountains. It was just as well, too, because the road was narrow, gravely and so clouded with smoke that I probably would have ended my trip as a hood ornament.

Bicycle and tent camped beside the river near Cantwell, Alaska.

Camping beside the river outside Cantwell

From the park I zipped down to Cantwell, but the spot gave me a funny vibe so I camped on the riverbed outside of town.

Despite a nasty storm that hit in the middle of the night, it was a beautiful spot – for all sorts of creatures. In the middle of the night, I heard a galunk-galunk sound in the water, like someone dropping rocks from a bridge. I unzipped my tent to see a moose and a calf walking up the river, not more than 20 yards from me. It was one of those oh-wow moments when nothing comes out of your mouth.

Right now I’m in Talkeetna. I’m happy here and plan to bum around town until at least Sunday. I’m staying with someone who lives in a cabin outside of town. There’s no power, no plumbing and no problems. I love it.


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