One Tok over the line

It took a bit longer than expected, but I arrived in Tok!

For some reason it was a bit of a mental barrier for me, so I’m proud of myself for making it. I left Chicken on July 3, hoping to cover the 70 or so miles to town, but my legs were having none of it. I think I was just plain tuckered out because, after 30 km, my body wagged its finger at me and plunked my butt at the nearest campground.

It was an involuntary rest day, but also a badly needed one.

I woke up the next morning feeling better than I have in a long time and I was able to slice through the mountain tracts without much trouble. I even skirted around Mount Fairplay, though its enormity was lost upon me after so many days in the hills. It was kind of like a bottle of Heinz sitting around a bunch of tomato paste cans. It’s all ketchup.

A few things of note from yesterday’s travels:

  1. I crossed the 1,000-kilometre mark for my trip
  2. I hit my top speed of 67.6 km/h and then promptly caught a fly in my eyeball
  3. I almost ate a 17-inch meat pizza in one sitting

So now I’m smiling in Tok, having enjoyed a shower last night and this morning while staying in a campground with flush toilets – the first I’ve seen since Eagle Plains.

Life on the road really makes you enjoy the simple things, and I might just enjoy them all day long. The next few stretches will be long – first to Delta Junction and then north to Fairbanks – so I probably should take a day to throw my sandals on and put my feet up.

I think Tok is conducive to a bit of relaxation. Even the Fourth of July celebrations here were subdued. Only a few folks shot their pistols into the air and, due to the forest fire risk and constant daylight, the fireworks were surprisingly muted. I might just fit in here after all!


One response to “One Tok over the line

  1. R & R very much deserved.

    Perhaps the idea of quiet time, time to unite the body and mind, isn’t so far off these days. Serious serious props Mike. It is the truly lucky who recognize young the benefit of living life while you can and following your dreams.

    Keep on walking the line my friend. We’re all proud of you.

    “When I was a kid I inhaled frequently. That was the point.” – Barack Obama.

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