mike on bike in 2013

I’m a 32-year-old slacker raised under the porch lights of the Canadian prairies. I don’t have a real job or a driver’s license. All I can claim is a sturdy bike and an itch to travel that runs right to the bottom of my shoes.

I bought my wheels in 2008 and spent three weeks pedaling around the beautiful state of Montana. It was my first tour. I returned sunburned, starving and madly in love with my new life. The perfect synergy of man and machine inspired me to do something great, something that might even resonate with people I’d never met. So I did.

Since 2009 I have cycled more than 50,000 km through 38 countries. My travels have humbled me and made my spirit stronger than I ever thought possible. Now, after so many places and faces, I know what I truly value in life.

This blog isn’t an exercise in ego. I am not promoting myself as an athlete or adventurer and I certainly don’t pretend to be an expert on cycle touring. I write because I always have, and because I want to share my passion for pushing pedals. Nothing more.