What’s old is new

vintage bikes

My most committed relationship is officially over after four long years.

It wasn’t easy, but this week I sat down with my blog and said I wanted to see other templates. There were tears and even the threat of a system crash, but eventually my old design packed its files and walked out the digital door forever.

Good riddance.

I don’t mind that it was slow, or that it needed a good day just to be ugly. I could even live with its annoying habit of asking me where to post pictures and then putting them wherever it damn well pleased.

The deal-breaker was that it was boring. Great blogs are dynamic and stimulating (think bee sting on your geek-clit) – mine was more like Lawrence Welk on a Friday night.

I don’t regret my decision. It turns out there are hundreds of fun WordPress templates just waiting for a guy like me. I separated the candidates into two camps – one sexy, practical and functional, and the other having all the subtlety of cat in a tumble dryer.

The first group was very small.  One, in fact.

It took a long night of courting and coding, but now I can finally introduce Oxygen as my new blog theme. It’s pretty and shiny and new and I kind of love it.

I’m eager to hear your thoughts as well. Is the change good? Bad? Morally reprehensible?

Drop me a line in the comments section, and remember you can stay updated on my latest bicycle travels by subscribing to the site or following me on Facebook.

6 responses to “What’s old is new

  1. Well sorry to say but I prefered the other one. It was old, yeah, but that made it original (as nobody wants to have that anymore… hehehe) ; that one reminds me of too many others.
    But no matter the form, it’s the content we’re interested in ;)

    • I needed a change, but you make a good point. I kept a copy of the old site in case I find myself in an “old and original” mood. ;)

  2. I like it! A blog is like a good pair of shoes. You wear them for years and years until there is a hole in them and you have to get a new pair. You put on the new pair and remember how great new shoes are; comfortable, hip, and shiny! Mike, your new blog is shiny!

    • Woo hoo! All my clothes and gear were old when I bought them – it’s about time I had something new! :D

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